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Mexican dinner
Soups and salads


Mexican pizza


Deep fried tortilla topped  with black beans,ground beef,chihuahua and cheddar cheese ,chopped green onions, tomatoes and black olives.
Trhee flour tortillas filled with melted chihuahua cheese . Served on Bed lettuces with sliced tomatoes , sour cream , and guacamole, chicken, steak,chorizo or hongo guajillo.


Botana Jose Maria`s

Deep fried corn tortilla  slices with black beans and melted with chihuahua cheese on top.
Trhee different quesadillas (chicken, steak,chorizo or hongo guajillo)  1/2  nachos grandes  a side guacamole and a side sour cream.

Nachos de lujo


with guacamole and sour cream.

Frijolin(Bean Dip)

Blended pinto bean with  chile de arbol  and chihuahua cheese.n

Queso fundido

Melted  chihuahua cheese served  with flour tortillas to eat as "taquito"  combined  with chorizo  or Hongo Guajillo.

Chips & salsa

One order complemetary with your meal

Mexican dinner

Served with rice our famous black beans

  • Three enchiladas.
  • Three tacos beef,chicken potato/chorizo.
  • Two tostadas  beef or chicken. Steak Shredded beef or guacamole.
  • 3 burritos pork & beans.
  • Two chiles rellenos.​ Topped with your choice of "salsa".
  • Two flautas (beef or chicken)


Enchiladas  (Cheese, ground beef or chicken)
  • Combination of  2 items.
  • Combination of  3 items.
  • ​Combination of  4 items.

Combination of  2 -4 items are not served with rice and beans. For any special item orders (such as melted chesse) an additional charge  will be added.
  • Rice (mexican rice) .
  • ​Black beans or pintos.
  • Small guacamole (2 oz size)
  • Small source cream (2 oz size)
  • Chihuahua cheese
  • Tortillas (4)

Make your Combination

Design your own combination of  2 -4 items from the list below:
  • Flauta (rolled and fried tortilla filled with ground beef or chicken)
  • Tamal (chicken,pork or queso con rajas)
  • Taco  (groud beef,chicken,potato or chorizo)
  • Tostada (groud beef or chicken)
  • Burrito (pork with beans)

lunch menu

Huevos:  Mexican style eggs, served with side of black beans and tortillas.  Your choice of:
  • Rancheros
  • Salsa Verde
  • A la Mexicana
  • Divorciados
  • With Chorizo

TORTAS: Mexican Sandwich "bolillo" (hoagie roll) with black beans, avocado, cheese and side of fried potatoes. Your choice of:
  • Chicken
  • Quesicate
  • Pork Jose Maria's
  • Chorizo
  • Steak*

MOLLETES: "Bolillo"  (hoagie roll) with black beans and melted chihuahua cheese, side of :
  • Pico de Gallo                                            
  • With Chorizo 

1/2 TORTA & SOPA : Served with side of american fries your choice of: 
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Quesicate
  • Cheese and Chorizo
  • Steak

  • Tortilla
  • Black Beans

DOS & DOS: Pick two items, served with side of rice and black beans,taco & flauta, Tamal ,Enchilada Burrito.  

GUIZADO: A lunch portion of some of our best dishes, served with rice & beans your choice of:
  • ​Pollo en salsa verde
  • Pollo mole poblano
  • Pollo al chipotle
  • Pollo ranchero
  • Pollo con crema

  • Pollo con crema
  • Pollo Mole jalisco
  • Puerco Jose Maria's
  • Pollo en salsa tomatillo
  • Cochinita Pibil

KIDS menu

Quesadilla :
Flour Tortilla filled with melted cheese and sour cream on the side  
Nacho :
Served with chihuahua cheese melted on top 
Happy Face :
Tostada with beans, sour cream and cheddar cheese 
Flautitas :
Rolled crispy taco beef or chicken , served plain with sour cream,rice and beans 
Beef, chicken or cheese , Served with rice and beans 
Beef or chicken with lettuche , tomato and cheese, Hard or soft choice of tortilla, corn or flour server w/ rice or beans 
Hot chihuahua:
Served with fries   
Grilled Cheese
Served with fries   
Chicken Nuggets:
Served with fries   

Soup and salad

Black beans soup: A meal in itself. Pureed black beans ,served with sides of sour cream, chihuahua cheese and diced green onions.

Caldo tlalpeño: Chuck of tender chicken ,rice, avocado and pico de gallo in  a vegetable broth.

Ensalada de nopales: Fresh salad made with slices of "nopal" chopped tomatoes , onions, cilantro and slices of avocado .

Tortilla soup: Thin fried corn tortilla strips in a vegetable broth topped with cheese and chopped green onions.

Taco salad: Iceberg lettuce, black beans , ground beef mild sauce , chihuahua and cheddar cheese,tomatoes slices, sour cream  and black olives, served in deep -fried tortilla shell.

Soup Azteca: Chuck of tender chicken in a vegetable broth,topped, with thin-fried corn tortilla strips finely chopped pasilla pepper , avocado and chihuahua cheese.


Mexican flag salad: Romaine lettuce,sliced avocado,onion and tomatoes, served with our special cilantro dressig or with charbroiled chicken.

Strip  of beef tenderloin, chicken or shrimp sauteed with fresh strip of chile poblano, onions  and tomatoes served on a sizzling hot skillet. Served with tortillas, rice and our famous black beans.

  • Chicken
  • Steak
  • Shrimp
  • Chicken & Steak
  • Chicken  & Shrimp
  • Steak & Shrimp
  • Chicken, steak & shrimp


Ranchera: Made with roasted fresh tomatoes, jalapeño and onions.

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Tomatillo: Made with boiled fresh green tomatillo, jalapeño garlic and onions..

Verde: Made with roasted fresh green tomatillos, jalapeños, garlic and onions.

with your favorite meal

  • Pollo (Chicken):Chuck of tender with meal.
  • Puerco (pork): Thin cuts of boneless pork chops grilled.
  • Enchiladas: Three chicken enchiladas
  • Chimichanga: A large flour tortilla deep fried, stuffed with stredded beef or chicken with melted chihhuhua cheese, guacamole ad sour cream.
  • Burrote: Extra large burrito with beef or chicken and beans, melted chihuahua cheese.
  • Burrote Negro: With Beans grilled poblano pepper,onions, tomatoes lettuce and side of guacamole.
  • Burrote Rico: With Shredded beef or steak.
  • Chile Relleno: A deep fried battered poblano pepper stuffed with chihuahua cheese and topped with sour cream.

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  • Tacos Juan:Two Soft flour tortillas filled with melted Chihuahua cheese, strips of chile poblano, chorizo, sour cream and Guacamole.
  • Tacos Juanita: Tacos Juan Without Chorizo.
  • Tacos Queshongo: Two soft flour tortillas filled with "Hongos guajillo", and melted chihuahua cheese and side of our special hot sauce.
  • Tacos Bistecate: Three soft corn tortilla filled with steak,melted chihuahua cheese,our special hot sauce and side Guacamole.
  • Tacos de Asada: Three soft corn tortillas filled with steak ,chopped onions, cilantro and our special hot sauce.
  • Tacos de Chorizo: Three soft corn tortillas filled with chorizo (mexican sausae) chopped onions cilantro and our special hot sauce.
  • Tacos Maya: Three soft corn tortillas filled with shredded pork cooked in achiote. Served with escabeche (onions sauteed in olive ans spices) on the side.
  • Tacos de Pescado: 3 hard shell tacos filled with tilapia covered and w/ a special salsa.
  • Tacos capitalinos: Corn Tortilla fill w/ sauteed shredded eef,onions and cilantro drenched in their own juice. Served w/ a tomatillo sauce w/avocados.

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best of the best

  • Medallones Ay Chihuahua! :Medallions of beef tenderloin covered with a melted chihuahua cheese and chipotle pepper on the side..
  • Medallones Oaxaca: Medallions of beef tenderloin covered with a melted chihuahua cheese and hongos uajillo (sauteed mushrooms with garlic and Guajillo pepper).
  • Pollo San Marcos: Tender broiled chicken on a bed of poblano pepper, covered with melted chihuahua Cheese and Hongos guajillo, escabeche onions on the side.
  • Pollo Crema Poblana: Chunks of tender chicken smothered in our unique sause made of poblano pepper, chihuahua cheese and sour cream. Served with white rice, black beans and tortilla.
  • Camarones al guajillo y tequila: Guajillo pepper (mifly hot w/sweet flavor) Shrimp sauteed in olive oil we add tequila and carefully flambe.


  • Fajitas Ay Chihuahua! :Strips of beef tenderloin , sauteed with fresh strips of chile poblano ,onions and tomatoes served on a sizzling hot skillet. Served with tortillas,rice and our famous  black beans and beacon with chihuahua on top.
  • Mole Poblano: Mole is a complex , traditional mexican sauce consisting of dries chiles, nuts ,seed , spices and mexican chocolate. Enjoy  it with:

  • Pollo ( Chicken) : Chunks of tender  with meat smothered in poblano sauce.
  • Enchiladas: Three Chicken enchiladas with mole sauce , sour cream , queso añejo, and slices  of raw onion.
  • Pollo al chipotle: Tender chicken pieces, sauteed with onions and our special chile chipotle sauce.
  • Poc  Chuc: Thin-cut boneless pork chops cooked  in a special blend of butter ,lime ,garlic and chile chipotle served with grilled poblano peppers and onions on the side .
  • Carne Asada Tampiqueña: A broiled,juicy 10 oz Sirloin Steak, served with fried potatoes and cheese  enchilada.
  • Pork Maria´s: Tender roasted pork pieces cooked in our special chile pasilla sauce.
  • Steak Maria´s:  A grilled 10 oz. Sirloin steak , covered with melted chihuahua cheese and served with fried potatoes.
  • Enchiladas campesino: Enchiladas filled with  queso añejo , onion and cilantro  and served w/ blended black beans.

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